Call for Community help: Website Localization Project

It a my pleasure to announce a new project to better the
website experience, specifically for users who prefer a language other
than English. The new project, called Website Localization [1] will put
a short (4-5 word) message on any
<> web page directing users to more resources in
their preferred language.


This project has two main parts to it. The first part of the Website
Localization project is the technical aspect of the project. It is the
goal of the project to create a script that will pull out of a users web
browser their preferred language. The second part of this project is
creating landing pages for as many resources as possible. This part of
the project will be done by Lo“Cos and the i18n team. The landing pages
will be on the wiki, and will be ever changing to direct users to the
best information that we can give them. The goal is to have the project
completed and implemented by the
end of May.

Chris Johnston is heading the project, but he can’t do all of this
himself, so he is going to need help from the Ubuntu community. At this
point, he needs some assistance with the technical side of
the project. He needs a few people to create the script that will detect
the users preferred language, and then show them a link to the landing
page in their language. If you have the skills needed to help out with
this Website Localization project, please send Chris an email with your
name, launchpad account, a little bit of information about the
experience you have and your general ability (time zone, and anything
else that may help him out). His goal is to get a group of a few people
to work on the technical aspect of this project and have a meeting in
the next few weeks to discuss the project in a little more detail, and
determine the best way to make this happen.

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