Contribute to FOSS

The Ubuntu Manual Project needs you!

We’ll do all the hard work going through your reports and triaging them, then submitting them as bugs in Launchpad and subsequently fixing them before the 31st. We want to make it easy for you lads and ladettes to get involved and have your say, because our project cares about community input and well, let’s be honest. We really like you guys.
All you have to do is download the latest revision of the manual by clicking this button:

Then you’ll need to read through the manual and look for:

Start at a random place in the manual and work backwards or forwards. We don’t want everyone starting at the prologue and getting a tonne of bugs about the prologue but none for Chapter 9, for example.

Each time you find any of the above, jump on over to and fill out the form. It’s as easy as that!

You get to have a small input in the final product, and we get to make sure our manual is super high quality and error-free!

Oh and please remember, this is still the alpha version of the manual!

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