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Job Description: Building very simple/focused open source tools and web services to support a more programmable web, a la the vision of webhooks. Current projects include:

  • Scriptlets – Quick web scripts. Instant cloud-side code for hook scripts in Python,Javascript,PHP, and more.

  • PostBin – Webhook debugging tool. Create a URL that collects POST data for inspection. More to come.

  • Hookah – Webhook event dispatcher. The “SMTP daemon” of webhooks. Eases implementation of webhooks.

  • Protocol Droid – Very early HTTP-to-anything adapter. Made for limited cloud-side code environments.

  • More soon … including free short-term storage API (clipboard of the web), library of service integration hooks, webhook plugins for open source projects, other public services …

What Python is used for: All projects use Google App Engine, Django, and/or Twisted … so 100% Python.

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