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Fedora Graphics Test Week : This Week

April 13, 2010

The Fedora project announces that this week is Graphics Test Week.

This is the highlight of the Fedora 13 Test Day cycle, with Test Days
for NVIDIA, ATI/AMD and Intel graphics all falling this week. Tuesday
13th is NVIDIA Test Day [1], Wednesday April 14th is ATI/AMD Test Day
[2], and Thursday April 15th is Intel graphics Test Day [3].

Although these are Fedora events, the results will ultimately benefit
almost all distributions: Fedora tends to use the latest versions of
graphics-related components and sends all its changes upstream, so the
fixes that result from these events will end up in all major
distributions. Even if you’re not a Fedora user, you can help Linux as
a whole by contributing your test results.

The testing can be done using a live image, so there’s no need to
install Fedora onto your system to contribute to the testing: just
download a live image, write it to a CD or USB stick, boot it, and run
through the tests. Comprehensive test instructions are available on
the Wiki pages, and you
enter your results into a table on the Wiki page; there’s no need to
have a Fedora wiki account to do this.

QA team members and developers will be available on the IRC channels
throughout each event to help with testing and triage, and to work on
some of the problems immediately. The more results we get and the more
bugs we expose, the better it is for everyone, so if you have time,
please check out the Wiki pages and join the IRC channel –
#fedora-test-day on the Freenode network – to help out!
You can use WebIRC [4] if you’re not a regular IRC user – just click
that link and you’re in the chat.