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Contribute to MediaWiki

November 30, 2011

MediaWiki, the software that runs the WikiPedia needs your help.

Language: PHP


A few ideas:

Rewriting some MediaWiki extensions that must be rewritten before we can
merge them into MediaWiki core:

Add PostgreSQL support for the SocialProfile extension:

moving some things that don’t need to be MediaWiki-specific into the
libraries folder. Example: the way we read image metadata

Add a GUI for toolbar customization:

Write and implement the cite templates in PHP extension: (Saves something like 20s or
more off parse time for large articles; low-hanging fruit)

Immediately applicable idea: Implementing pre-commit checks in code
repositories that would automagically look for security vulnerabilities,
bad coding convention, broken code, etc, perhaps with a web interface to
facilitate the process.  A conversation about this follows:

   Nimish: “Basically the idea is to have something check for simple
patterns in the code, and if any of them come up, send some warning
email, like “hey, you might’ve done something silly. can you verify that
you’ve 1) fixed this or 2) totally know what you’re doing” we’ve had
them at previous places I’ve worked, and they really do help.”
   RoanKattouw: “Platonides has a check-vars script that checks for
some style things, like missing globals and unused vars or calling
deprecated things, etc. Not sure what the full feature set is. (But it’s
not a post-commit hook)”
   Reedy: “Certainly style, globals etc is fairly easy to do
programmatically, “security” unless very explicit issues, must be all
but impossible?”
   RoanKattouw: “It can be done run-time with taint, & MW has some sort
of taint support”
   awjr (Arthur Richards): “those tools should be as RCS-agnostic as
possible” (work with many modern version/source control systems)
   awjr: you could likely use some fancy regexes and algorithms to look
for patterns that would lead to security vulnerabilities

I hope this is helpful!  Please feel free to contact me for more
information. is a good
starting resource for people who want to get involved or make this their
project, and I am also available via email or IRC.

A few suggestions are listed here:


Sumana Harihareswara
Volunteer Development Coordinator
Wikimedia Foundation